My Opening Thoughts – Complaining about Modesto California

If you live in Modesto California, you know that there are things that people often complain and whine about this state. Ever asked yourself why? Or you belong to this group of people? Maybe it’s because Modesto doesn’t offer people the opportunity to experience certain kinds of adversity ever. From a financial perspective, this state accounted for about seventeen percent of mortgage-related complaints in the United States in 2016. According to statistics from the Internal revenue Service, about five million people have moved from California to other states in the last decades. Well, probably there are other reasons for this, and it’s not related to what makes people complain about California. Let’s see some of the things that could be the cause of the many complains you hear about this state.

High Cost of Living

Those who live in Modesto California know that the year-round sunshine in this state isn’t cheap. Of course, most people are comfortable paying the absurdly high rents in this place. However, one of the major causes of complaining is the high cost of living here. You’ll hear complains about the high-cost people have to incur to get shelter and even basic food. In fact, California’s housing market is one of Country’s most expensive. The costs of houses are very high in Los Angeles Orange County.

Warm Weather During Fall

Americans living in Southern Carolina know very little about extreme weather. In fact, most Californians won’t last twenty-four hours if they were dropped off and left in places like Minnesota in the month of November. You’ll hear Californians whine and complain about the balmy, temperate fall weather. It’s always about what they can’t or doesn’t have. People living in California become jealous of other parts of the country in Fall. Other states receive rain and brisk breezes as their trees turn green.

The Absurd amount of Traffic

One of the things that are luring Californians to leave the state is traffic and congestion. That explains why most people in this place seem obsessed with traffic. You can tell how everyone is analyzing it, predicting it, and trying to find sneaky ways to stay away or avoid it. The state seems to experience terrible traffic and congestion at any given time.

The Other Side of the State

It’s funny that people from North Carolina have to complain about South Californians for what’s considered to be materialism. Similarly, you’ll hear South Californians complain about silly things like North Californians saying “hella” or rather greeting people way too much. It’s both funny and fun. On the other hand, people from other states coming here have to complain about how Californians are self-centered.


If you’ve visited the Californian coast, you know that June gloom is one of the real things here. Well, that doesn’t mean that it only lasts in June. Parts of the state get thick ground fog between November and March. A thick ground fog is experienced along the coast in May through September. Of course, fog isn’t a worst or extreme type of weather, but it’s one of those things Californians and people from other states whine and complain about.

Ultra-Conservative People

We both know that California is one of the states that are largely liberal and democratic. That doesn’t mean there are no conservatives, moderates, and Republicans in California. In fact, you’ll find plenty of them across the state. However, it’s important to note that majority of the people in California usually lean to the left, which is why you’ll occasionally see “Make America Great Again” stickers in your front yard.

I live in Modesto California and see all shot that has gone downhill in this town and more specifically, this state!

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