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    Why Modesto California Sucks Reason # 3

    The Mandatory 3 Days Sick Day A Year Costs Us Way More Than You Know

    Did you know that the state of California now, by rule of law, makes all business owners give their employees 3 days of sick pay a year?

    Wait now, before you get all excited and think “Wow! That shit is awesome!” let me just let you in on a little secret…

    Those assholes up in Sacramento want you to think that they are awesome for making business owners do that.

    Our country is already soft as it is and now they are going to allow a bunch of lazy ass workers to take advantage of businesses.

    You and I both know, people that ain’t sick are gonna uses those days all the damn time. And that shit is gonna cost business owners a shit ton of money, which naturally, raises the price on the simple things in life that we buy, like a sandwich or a piece of fried chicken over at the corner deli.

    How you ask?

    Let’s break down some simple math, shall we?

    Let say you and I are some real go-getters and have managed to set up a sweet sandwich shop that sells some pretty bomb-ass BLTs and some mouth-watering roast beef.

    We’ve spent the last 3 years building our sweet gig up and have even managed to hire 4 employees full time. Are profit margins are good, thinner than our turkey slices, but still, a modest profit.

    Let’s say we are some awesome bosses (which I know we would be!) and we pay our full-time employees more than minimum wage, kinda like In-N-Out here in California likes to do.

    So, let’s say we pay them $13.00 an hour.

    With the added costs of workers comp, unemployment insurance, social security, and all that other bullshit, our $13.00 an hour employees cost our little sandwich shop $18.00 an hour total.

    So, you got $18.00 an hour times 4 equals $72 dollars an hour.

    We give them all 40 hours so that makes it $2,880 a week in pay we gotta fork over to pay our workers.

    Grand total we pay for 4 employees for an entire year is $149,760 in total. Damn! I’m good at this math shit!

    So, now the good old boys and liberal retards up and Sacramento thinks it would be a GREAT idea to force us to give our employees 3 sick days a year, by rule of law.

    They do it out of “compassion” and because “they care” so much about the workers.


    They are so sweet, aren’t they?

    Fuck no they ain’t!

    They do it all for show and to get stupid people to think that they actually care. They don’t care at all!

    All they always care about is VOTES and staying in power.

    That single law will now cost you and I and our theoretical sandwich shop an additional $1,728 a year in costs.

    Now, that may not sound like a lot, but it is money that is completely going nowhere. You and I know damn well, that all those sick days WILL be used up, even when our employees ain’t sick!

    You see, when someone runs a business, EVER damn nickel and penny are accounted for. From the post-it notes in the office to the slices of bread we buy for the sandwiches.

    You tack on more money to that we as the business owner must pay and account for it will just piss us off!

    No way we are just gonna take it outta of our pockets and just give it up!

    Look how pissed you get when your cell phone bill us up more than the $69.95 you pay for it every month! You don’t want to pay it and it pisses you off that you have to don’t it?

    This is how business owners see this mandatory sick leave pay. It’s bullshit.

    It’s a bill they weren’t expecting and now they have to pay for. Imagine the businesses that got 10 employees?

    What about 20? 30? 50?

    Is it any wonder companies in California pack their shit up and just leave to another state?

    It’s these little regulations and shit that cause that.

    Now for the businesses that do stay, all they do is jack up the prices on the shit they sell to make up the difference.

    Our bomb-ass BLT we sold for $5.99 will now have to go up to $6.99.

    So, who loses in that scenario?

    The damn customer who already is getting stretched thin with the few dollars they’ve got in their pocket.

    This is just another problem California faces with its Government.

    They add these types of regulations all of the time to businesses and it hurts everyone in the end.

    Just let the businesses do it on their own. Cut regulations. Cut Taxes. Sacramento and the liberal elites gotta stop putting their noses where they don’t belong.

    that would make businesses come back, they would hire more, and a lot of these big businesses would offer sick pay as an added bonus to go work for them, not because the law says they have to.

    Businesses would have to compete. That’s where “sick pay” was first introduced in the first place!

    You think Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin were discussing “sick pay” during the Revolutionary War and as the wrote up the Declaration of Independence?

    Hell no!

    They wanted freedom. They fought hard for the shit.

    Now, at least in California, we are slowly giving it up to use a sick day on a Monday morning from a hangover from partying too much Sunday night.

    This post was brought to you by our friends at house cleaners in Santa Maria who operate a business and are tired of all these bullshit laws or policymakers make.

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    Another Reason For My Ass To Complain About Modesto CA

    Illegal Immigrants In California Can Get Drivers Licenses?

    That’s Bullshit.


    Here is yet another reason to hate the ol Golden State.

    Illegal immigrants can run down to the DMV, show some chicken-shit birth certificate (probably printed on the back of their kid’s homework assignment) or god knows what other types of proof of “them saying who they say they are”, and get a driver licence delivered to their mailbox in 2 to 3 weeks just like everybody else.

    What kind of shit is that!?

    And here is the most important question of all…


    Illegal immigration has completely ruined the demographics of this state. And, in all honesty, I HATE IT.

    Illegal immigration is gonna be a running theme here on this blog. Better get used to it.

    It’s probably the biggest problem I got with this state. Oh, and knowing that guys like that bald headed asshole, Jerry Brown, in charge of shit who just loves illegal immigrants really pisses me off.

    Here is the deal on why “our so compassionate politicians” here in California just LOVE the never-ending flood of illegals entering our state.

    You think they really give a shit about Maria the house cleaner working at a place like this one here or Miguel the landscaper working for a local lawn care service?

    You listen to them say shit like, “They are just doing jobs Californians won’t do.” or “These people come to California seeking a better life for their families.” and my favorite “we can’t break up families.”


    All this California politicians want is a permanent underclass of people. They want people that are uneducated, people that don’t have skills, and most important of all; people that NEED government assistance.

    “I love illegal immigrants. Vote Democrat cause we care.” – Jerry Brown

    Our boy Jerry Brown claims that it will make our streets safer by having these people properly licensed and insured.

    Umm… someone tell this guy about the countless number of illegals getting into wrecks while being under the influence of an 18 pack of Bud Light, and just vanishing from the scene in a flash.

    What’s gonna stop these people from using there brand new and legitimate ID from going out and using it to get a job?

    Couldn’t they use this newfound privilege of going out and getting Geico auto insurance for their 1996 Chevy Astro van to instead go out and possible VOTE?

    Why the hell not?!

    You and I both know that this is all a scam and a way to pander to the Hispanic vote here in this state.

    Sure, some might go out and vote illegally with their brand new driver license in hand. But, what you probably don’t know, is that these illegal immigrants kids CAN vote and will vote for the people that allowed their uncle Poncho to get a legit drivers license.

    Wouldn’t you be a happy guy if your mom was now allowed to have a California ID when she couldn’t get one before and thank the people who allowed that to happen?

    You know what the crazy thing is?

    If you have kids, and you’ve been a little bit on the dead-beat-dad side of things for a while, and have fallen behind on paying child support, the state can suspend and take away your drivers license.

    You, as a United States citizen, can lose your privilege to operate a motor vehicle. That privilege can be stripped from you!

    Let’s just say you’ve been a deadbeat for a while and decided to straighten things out and do right by paying your damn bills. Wouldn’t you NEED that privilege to drive more than most people?

    Wouldn’t you NEED it to get out there and find work to pay those fines?  Don’t you need to support your family and your way of life too?


    Fuck that!

    You broke the law.

    It’s not like you came from Jalisco, Mexico, jumped the border, created fake documents, and been working with a fake social for the past 8 years.

    Nothing illegal about that!

    And that’s my whole point.

    In this state, illegal immigrants are treated like royalty!

    They pander and bend over backward for these people.

    Meanwhile, we got Californians that need work.

    We got homeless vets sleeping in dumpsters. We got ghetto ass neighborhoods where the schools are shit and yet, we care about these illegal immigrants (which many hate this country by-the-way) more than we care about our own citizens.

    That pisses me off and it’s one of many reasons I hate this state.